Fantasy Kingpin Team List
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                                                                                                                                          MIAMI (OH)         LINCOLN           NEWPORT            TOLMAN             CANCER'S      MISSISSIPPI ST.

                                                                                                                                             DALLAS       VIRGINIA TECH  FRAMINGHAM     SALISBURY    RHODE ISLAND  NEW ENGLAND

AAA Team List
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                                                                                                                   MIAMI (OK)       PSYCHOTIC     NEW ORLEANS    TAMPA BAY              CULT                 FLORIDA

Tag Team List

                                                                                                                  MIAMI (TX)             GUILD               NEWPORT            ROOKIE         WOONSOCKET   SUPER MARIO


welcome to the fantasy kingpins website

*League Owner Pages Updated*

Here you will find the history of one of the most innovative fantasy football leagues out there. The Fantasy Kingpins league has evolved into one of the most in depth and entertaining fantasy football leagues you will find. From the first week of the year until the last, there are so many things going on during the season that even can keep the lowest of teams with something to play for. 2011 saw the implementation of many new features. Many new features that again, kept everybody shooting for something, in a league filled with chances to add to each teams own personal pages filled with their records and accomplishments.


The Fantasy Kingpins League has seen a great deal of turnover during it's now 11 year reign. The Kingpin League had seen some shuffling at the top and now there is a Fantasy Competition Committee of sorts to make sure that everything remains fair and level.

The 2011 season for the Kingpin League saw the first full season of a chance at a split championship. The League now uses a new form of scoring to crown a champion, while still keeping the original Head to Head scoring and Roto scoring as well. This new scoring system, called the BBCS, uses numerous factors to rank teams. (The Info can be found here) This new scoring takes the top 2 teams at the end of the regular season and has them face each other in a week 16 battle for the championship. And this championship game is considered the Rose Bowl. So as those teams fight to be the best, the rest of the league fights to position themselves in other "Bowl Games" for the chance at some personal glory. And it's here that on the teams pages, the trophy cases come into play.

Your 2012 Champions: 

(Rose Bowl) BBCS Champion 
Keith Teasdale - Miami (OH) RedHawks

His 1st H2H & Roto Championships
Walter Reed - Framingham Dragoons

Regular Season Roto Champion (Best Team)
Steve Coulombe - Rhode Island Rams 

Fantasy Kingpin Tag Team Champions - 
Keith Teasdale & Tim Horgan - Miami (OH) Hokies 

List of 2012 BBCS Bowls  -
Rose - Miami (OH) RedHawks defeat Rhode Island Rams
Sugar - Framingham Dragoons defeat Newport Storm
Orange - Virginia Tech Hokies defeat Salsibury Sabres 
Cotton - New England Patriots defeat Tolman Tigers 
GMAC - Dallas Cowboys defeat Ego Maniacs
Toilet - Super Wario Galaxy defeat Lincoln Lions


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